Healthcare HVAC services for hospitals, clinics, and care facilities

Healthcare HVAC services in the ER room

Healthcare is the backbone of our economy. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is the importance of healthy routines and how important air quality control is. What does that mean for Healthcare HVAC systems for facilities, like hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies?

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities require a high level of support to ensure their HVAC systems are running optimally.  As the complexity and regulatory requirements increase so must the level of service from an HVAC supplier. Chamberlain provides industry-leading solutions towards 24-7 Demand services, Planned maintenance programs, equipment upgrades and consulting services.

With over 20 years working within this sector, we have effectively developed key relationships with suppliers and manufacturers that enable us to work on all equipment from a 60-year-old fire tube boiler to state of art VRF zoning system.  Our technicians attend industry-leading training sessions that keep them current and up to date on new technologies.

Chamberlain understands the importance of security and safety while working with all healthcare facilities where staff and patient care are the top priorities.   For this reason, we strictly require all of our technicians to undergo comprehensive background checks, achieve all required designations, and continuously upgrade their skills. At Chamberlain, we are continually upgrading and investing with software and technologies that allow infinite access to vital documentation at a click of a button. All employees are provided with professional uniforms that have company and employee names and identification present. 

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Our company is certified to provide total mechanical/electrical and Building Automation solutions.  From a simple machine hook-up or routine maintenance to a complete retrofit of an HVAC system with custom ductwork, we have you covered. If you need support, just give us a call, we are happy to help.

Still, wondering how we can help? Here’s a list of services we provide:

If you need support, just give us a call, we are happy to help.

3 Reasons to work with Chamberlain

Over 20 years of service

For over 20 years, Chamberlain has had the ability to handle all sectors of the trade.

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Industry-leading quality and value are always a priority. As a privately owned business, we provide a more personal service, at a more cost-effective price point than our rivals.

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One call to handle all mechanical, Electrical and Building Automation needs.