Retirement & Long-Term Care HomeS

Long-term care HVAC services

Long-term care HVAC services

Long-term care and Retirement Homes are a priority in our community. When our loved ones need extra support, these long-term and retirement homes are a much-needed option for families.  Chamberlain is an active member of the OLTCA and is proud to offer industry leading HVAC-R/E BAS services to its members.


Our staff has vast experience with the regulations and specific requirements facilities of this nature require in order to be compliant, safe and efficient.    Our technicians are fully trained and equipped to work on specific equipment that is found in these types of buildings, from unitary room units to central boiler and chiller equipment we have you covered.  

Chamberlain has the experience and tools available to assist our customers in the budgeting of equipment life cycles and forecasting equipment replacement.   We understand our success depends entirely on our customer’s success, therefore, we are here to help make a long-term decision that positively affects the customer.

If you need support, just give us a call, we are happy to help.

Retirement home HVAC

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