Refrigeration Services

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Refrigeration servicing

Refrigerators are practically a necessity in most business today. They are perhaps the most important appliance in any kitchen, workspace, and especially at a restaurant. They must run continuously, without fail. If they break down, the need to get them repaired is urgent.

That is why, along with HVAC installation and repairs, we at Chamberlain Building Services Inc. also specialize in specialty and custom Refrigeration projects and maintenance. 

Chamberlain is your hassle-free refrigeration and refrigeration repair service provider within Hamilton and Southern Ontario.

Refrigeration Services

Our licensed technicians can diagnose, and repair your refrigeration issues. They can also assess, choose, create, build, install, and maintain your refrigeration unit.  From large to small we have you covered.


Give Chamberlain a call, let’s chat about your refrigeration servicing needs.

Refrigeration maintenance

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Our reputation is built through our quality of service. For over 20 years we have been servicing our clients without fail.

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We’ve worked with all manufacturers and have over 20 years of experience in the commercial HVAC industry. Have a look at the vendors we work with.